A Friend of WPA in Need

Dear customers, friends and neighbors of Windsor Place Antiques,

I’m reaching out on behalf of my friend, neighbor and former colleague Marianne Butler. Marianne worked in the shop nearly five years ago when I was just getting started. She was between photo editing jobs and looking for local work to tide her over until the next fickle, but glamorous publishing gig. We hit it off immediately and she helped me get the shop up and running. Many of you might remember her lovely smile from those early days. She ultimately left WPA for another stint at Conde Nast, but we crossed paths frequently as we live on the same block and we both helped care for an elderly neighbor.

Unfortunately, Marianne has recently been battling cancer and has lost the job that she was told would be waiting for her when she was well enough to go back to work. I’ve been so impressed with her generosity and her ability to take care of herself, stay positive and to get through this ordeal. Here’s a link to more of Marianne’s story and to help if you can:



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