June Wrap Up & Summer Picks

IMG_4721Some of you might (???) recognize Ken in this awesome photo from the Drag March which took place during Pride weekend. Ken, who goes by Hucklefaery, has brought a lot of creativity and joy into my life, and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm into everything he does. If you want to read more about the Drag March, including an interview with Hucklefaery, you can find it here.

As June wraps up, I’d like to share some decorating picks for high summer. I’ve been feeling kind of nautical as the weather dramatically heats up. Here’s a snapshot of my sea-worthy booth at the Brooklyn Flea last weekend. The vintage zoology classroom charts in the background are available for $150 each and would look amazing in a beach house.


Some other summery decorative arts in the shop:

Vintage brass sand dollars and clam shells found in a Connecticut barn that hadn’t been touched since 1978. Lots of new old stock gift items from the ’60s and ’70s, including jewelry, silk scarves and other boho imported stuff. Keep an eye out for it in my booth at the Brooklyn Flea or in the shop.


In the fine prints department, we have wonderful, colorful and immaculately detailed Denton fish prints. These are chromolithographs from 1889. Matted for 11×14 frames and priced at $45 each

And beautiful shore birds from Jardine’s Naturalists’ Library. These hand-colored engravings were printed in 1843. Matted for 8×10 frames and priced at $28 each.


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