Top 3 New Finds: Blue Flower Botanicals, Butterflies & Ice Cream Advertising

Kick off summer with some seasonally-appropriate decorations. I have spent the last few months reeling in an enormous haul of new and exciting merchandise- including an estate of very fine hand-colored natural history prints from the 1700s and 1800s. Expect to see lots of new things in the shop and at the Brooklyn Flea and don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries or special requests.

Here are some of my favorite new finds…

Blue Flower Botanicals

The first two plates pictured,  were done by Sir Joseph Paxton between 1834-1849, and the third plate (Alpine Columbine) was done by George Loddiges for Loddige’s Botanical Cabinet in 1822. All three are beautifully hand-colored.

Butterfly and Moth Prints

The two plates below are of unknown (at least to me) origin, but I believe them to be French and printed between 1790-1820. The hand-coloring is super-vibrant and jewel-toned.

Ice Cream Advertising

The posters below are uncut advertising sheets of die cuts. They were printed in the 1950s by the Weiler Company of Philadelphia, PA. Back in the day, this company did a lot of point of sale advertising for Breyer’s Ice Cream. The uncut sheets have a great Warholesque look. The hyper-detailed colorized and illustrated photos epitomize mid-20th century commercial style.


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