See The World


See the World (Gomez)



Globes…so collectible, so decorative, so photogenic! I cannot get enough of them. There is no end to the gorgeous photos of interiors decorated with globes. I like them almost as much as school maps. Put the two together and they make each other even better.

When I first opened my shop the windows were filled with globes and lit up at night (see below).



Then I found this gorgeous photo on pinterest which does mine one (or many) better.


Just a few more wonderful photos of globe collections from the blogosphere below, before I get to my point….


So, my point of writing this post, apart from reminding you of how beautiful the world we live in/on is, is to announce that I have put a wonderful array of globes up for sale at www.oldschoolmaps.com

Among the highlights are a scarce silver ocean 1930's globe, a black ocean "Starlight" globe, a magnetic metal "Air Race"globe, and a couple of glass globe light up or lamp globes.



All my globes (or most of them) out front of the shop waiting for their close-ups





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