World Cup Map SALE

The teams going into the quarterfinals….in maps….

Img215 Img214 Img213 Img212 Il_340x270.551608022_sntb $_35

Img192 IMG_3560

We are so excited about the World Cup around here that we are celebrating with a sale on school maps of continental South America and Europe. Visit my etsy shop or oldschoolmaps.com. Just enter the discount code WORLDCUPSALE at checkout and receive 20% off. There are some fresh listings and plumped up selection on both sites. Catch some team spirit or give a gift to a big soccer fan.

Did you know that every team to win the World Cup since its inception in 1930 has been from either Europe or South America?

Personally, I'm rooting for Argentina (and plotting to visit Brasil some day soon). GOOOOOOOOAAAAL!




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