The Thing

While browsing the NYTimes style magazine last Sunday, I was intrigued by this elegant lamp in The Thing column.


The Helios lamp, $1,850, workstead.com

The NYTimes writes that this lamp would have "looked at home in Galileo's workshop". I like the way that the lamp brings together industrial parts, 70s polish and glamour and warm, crafty elements. It speaks to me- especially at this time of year when the nights get longer and the rustic summer vibe feels worn out and shabby. I'm ready for a more polished and glow-y look. Many of my recent vintage and antique finds would look spot-on with the Helios lamp.


Rare Vintage Celestial Globe, 1960s


Rand McNally Lunar Globe, 1960s

Antique Copper Working Heat Lamp

To accessorize, I can't think of anything better than these original astronomy plates from Asa Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy, whichwas the most popular American astronomy guide of the 19th century, with numerous diagrams demonstrating or showing  principles of planetary motion and features, other astronomical phenomena, the moon, and the constellations. Originally copyrighted in 1848, numerous editions followed. The prints that I have available are from an 1850s edition.

In his Preface, Smith, the Principal of Public School No. 12, located at 17th Street and Eighth Avenue in New York City, explained that the purpose of this series was “to present all distinguishing principles in physical Astronomy with as few words as possible; but with such ocular demonstrations, by way of diagrams and maps, as shall make the subject easily understood.”




We recently purchased brass sconces from School House Electric with a similar feel. I like them with these Mid-Century maps from my shop (biding their time in our living room).


The maps below, with their mod projections, have a similar 1950s modern feel to the ones above.



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