Know Your Vegetables

It's the middle of August and the farmer's markets in the city are in full swing…. over-flowing with bright summery vegetables and juicy fruits.

As I drove upstate yesterday to the "Leatherstocking" region of central New York State to attend the Madison-Bouckville antiques week, I passed farm after gorgeous farm. This is a little off the topic, but while I am upstate, I am staying in a yurt on a beautiful property that was once part of the infamous Loomis Lair.

Anyway…with produce on my mind, I was delighted to discover an adorable antique card game entitled "Know Your Vegetables".

Know your vegetables

Probably dating back to the 1910s or 20s, check out the whimsical illustrations and poems. This super-charming game is a little gem.


The art is clearly inspired by seed packets and labels of this period. I have hundreds of these in my collection, but only one "Know Your Vegetables" card game.

Img052 Img341A few other neat pieces of veggie decor to leave you with. Straying from the Americana, here are a few German vegetable charts- black & white engravings from the 1890s. These would make great kitchen wallpaper.



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