Fall’s Crazy Quilt



While I'm tired of reading home blogs that reference NYC fashion week, I feel compelled to make my own connections to current fashion trends. A few weeks ago a NYTimes article entitled "The Crazy Quilt of Fall" caught my eye with its eclectic mashup of prints and textures. It was soon followed by an article about a new exhibit of unusual quilts entitled "Celebrating American Quilts in Books and Shows."



I have always been inspired by so-called "ugly" quilts and patchworks made from cast-off textiles- mens' wool suiting, scraps of bright silk, ticking, feed sack and upholstery fabric. Condition is often an issue with these hodge podge quilts. Wools and silks tend to fray before the sturdier cottons. I find them to still be beautiful and I have several great examples for sale. They can be hung on the wall behind a bed or sofa for a great and graphic effect.


The crazy quilts put me in mind of some other complimentary items. Amber apothecary glass, tole painted trays, warm wood and some lovely color frameable color prints of European folk art patterns.

A wonderful, cozy bohemian mix for the upcoming cooler months.

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