Keep Your Fork There’s Pie!

I borrowed this photo from Brooklyn's Four & Twenty Blackbirds bakery. They are justifiably famous for their wonderful pies. I LOVE their black bottom oat pie- so homey and comforting. I was hoping to snag a recipe for it to post here, but as it turns out, they are publishing a cookbook later this month and the recipe can be found within. Just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. I wish them all the best with it- they are awesome.


Autumn always renews my interest in baking and cooking. I'm bringing out many vintage kitchen items to the Brooklyn Flea this weekend. I've been seeing some great displays of vintage pie tins this fall. The patina and embossed advertising on these pie tins ($10 each) make for an interesting arrangement.


My personal favorite vintage bakeware dates back to the 1940s and was produced by Ovenex. I adore the pans with the starburst pattern. While I am normally loathe to part with these, I have a surplus at the moment and will be offering them for sale ($10-$20 each).




I will be bringing a few other things in this same vein to the flea tomorrow: An original wooden, dovetailed store pie crate for Table Talk pies ($95). It will not be the same one in the photo below, but very, very similar. Put on a tabletop to hold your pie tins or mount on the wall to organize papers.

Another cool item: A vintage 1950s glass rolling pin with a metal cap ($25). The clever thing about this is that you would fill it with ice water to keep your pie or pastry dough cool while you roll it out. Why don't they make them like this anymore?


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