Ace Finds & Instagram Daily Picks


Seriously, I LOVE this sign. It certainly got my attention. All I could think when I saw it was What kind of chicken? Barbequed? Roasted? Fried!

But, it got me thinking about how it would be fun to post a daily item that really grabbed my attention. It also dovetailed with my newfound love of the Instagram app. Maybe I'm a little late to the party, but it's such a great, casual way to share photos while I'm at the flea, in my garage or at the shop. Rather than curating merchandise and taking composed photos, I can snap a photo on my phone and just put it out there.

In keeping with the spirit of spontaneity, I'm offering a daily Instagram pick at a 20% discount….every day until….I get tired…or bored….which may never happen. Items will be first come first serve. They will be in the shop and, also, posted for sale on Old School Maps (even if they are not maps.) Just enter the discount code INSTAGRAM or mention it and it will be honored. Be forewarned that there might not be great photos or much in the way of descriptions- just ace finds that may or may not capture your attention. Take a chance.

See my Instagram feed here or access it on my Facebook page.

Allright, all this social media has worn me out and I need to go eat some chicken.

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