On The Road Again


I have been traveling around in the Lehigh Valley and Berks County,
Pennsylvania this week. I'm finding all kinds of great stuff. This area
never ceases to amaze me- the wonderful old things just keep coming out of the old woodwork.

have saved the best of my trip for last: a paper show tomorrow (a dealers' and
collectors' mecca of paper, books, maps, advertising,
ephemera….basically anything printed.) This is my idea of a really,
really good time.

Needless to say, I will not be at the Brooklyn
Flea in Ft. Greene tomorrow or open in the shop, but I will be at the
Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg on Sunday 4/28. Expect to see lots of
interesting new merchandise.

Here are some photos of things
that struck my fancy this week. Most of which I could not drag back with
me. Alas, they were too big to fit in my little van. Fun to look at


The snazziest clothes-washer


Nice assemblage of vintage grape crates

Too big to bring back


WAY too big to bring back

To Crush Your Grapes


The oldest lunch box I have ever seen



To play those antique cylinder records I sell

Wonderful English / German Vocabulary Primer


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