Arthropoda & Insecta


Bugs- in other words. I've been thinking about them and looking at them a lot lately: The good, the bad, the ugly and the very beautiful. Working in the garden at home and going through prints and charts at work, they keep popping up in appealing and not-so appealing forms.

Last week, there was an interesting NYTimes article in the Science section on dragonflies. It inspired me to look for bugs in my vast and diverse inventory…I found many.

I am particularly fond of a series of small engraved and hand-colored plates ($10 each) from an 1843 series called The Naturalist's Library. The insects- especially the beatles- look like little jewels.

IMG_1538 IMG_1538

I have another group of lovely color plates- these are of lepidoptera (butterflies and moths.) Published as an installment series in 1907 by Aldabert Seitz. These large chromolithographic plates ($35 each) have beautiful art nouveau fonts and very fine details.

If you are in the market for a larger piece, I have some vintage classroom charts that would make quite an impression. The photo below was taken from House Beautiful magazine, but I currently have several charts from the very same series (seen below $95 each)



Come and have a look. Two ways to find me: My storefront will be open this coming weekend April 13 & 14th from 11 to 6 AND I will be at the Brooklyn Flea outdoors on the Williamsburg waterfront on Sunday.



Not So Pretty


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