Dad Swag

Come in to the shop this week or weekend for some unique Father’s Day gifts. We’ve got options: the good, the bad, the ugly, the unique, the indie, the funny, the retro, the indifferent, the ironic, the green, the historical, the intellectual and the nostalgic.

You can also catch us at the Brooklyn Flea . Be aware that all the items pictured below are one-of-a-kind. E-mail us to reserve or check availability and pricing.

Happy Father’s Day!

Published in 1978, $25
Amazing Coffee Table Book, NYC Historical 1905, $250
Matted Antique Meat Chart Print, Mrs. Beeton’s, 1910, 8×10 $15
Glass Paperweights! Various Prices…So Useless!
Lovely Antique Magazine Covers
Vintage Mugs $5 each
Flowers, Plants, Nautical Stuff
Creepy Vintage Books (Doesn’t He Look Like Stephen Colbert?)

And lots and lots more….

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