New Finds & Our New “News” Feed

Big doings here at Windsor Place Antiques: We have a beautiful brand new website. My first big goal of 2018 accomplished….with the help of Untitled Pictures Inc.

Included in the new website is a “News” column (aka blog) , in which we will be sharing exciting new finds, new venues and events. I’m looking forward to regularly sharing photos of my latest and greatest finds. This will give you a good idea of what you can look forward to seeing in the shop, at the Brooklyn Flea or on Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, my next major project of 2018 is to greatly expand our Etsy offerings.

Without further ado, here are some of our most recent exciting finds

Our Country’s Shells and How to Know Them

A Guide to the British Mollusca. Gordon, W. J.
London. Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. No date. Ca. 1905.
Chromolithographic plates



William Swainson’s Exotic Conchology or Drawings and Descriptions of Rare Beautiful or Undescribed Shells. Containing a facsimile of the 1834 edition, reprint of the 1821 edition of volume one, as well as a reprint of the 1841 second edition, edited by Sylvanus Hanley. An edition limited to 2,000 copies printed in 1968. While not the original (and untouchable $$$) plates from the early 1800s edition, these plates are highly decorative and affordable.




In addition to many other prints in this category, we now have lovely egg prints from EGGS OF THE NATIVE BIRDS OF BRITAIN  By W. J. GORDON. Printed in 1880



Exotic Bird Lithographs-

These vintage prints are by Axel Amchastegui, from Love Life of The Birds, 1952. Axel Amchastegui is considered one of the best wildlife illustrators of the last 100 years. Axel was born in 1921 in Cordoba, Argentina, and was a self taught artist. He loved the beauty of the natural environment in which he grew up, raised by his grandmother and parents to have a love of all the creatures of the wild. He developed a unique technique for his paintings using Chinese inks and watercolors. There is now a tremendous appreciation for Axel Amchastegui’s work. Argentina has designed several postage stamps from his paintings.

While not as old as many of the prints that we offer, these original lithographs are of very fine quality and printing technique.




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