Amsterdam Pickers


We've just returned from a fun trip to Amsterdam. The flea markets were a pleasant surprise. Dealers were friendly. Prices were reasonable. Fortunately I brought an extra suitcase.

My favorite market was the book and paper market that's held on Fridays near the center of the city. It was an easy walk from our hotel.


Below are some the goodies that I picked up there. While some of the paper and prints were Dutch,  much was from Germany and France.



Here's a photo of a lovely booth that reminded me of mine- except Dutch.


On Saturday we visited the IJ Hallen market– which bills itself as the largest flea market in Europe. It's held one weekend a month. You take a free ferry ride to a Brooklyn-esque artsy neighborhood. While the market was mostly used (not really even vintage) clothing, there were some real gems lurking in the maze of booths. I picked up some colorful enamelware that was just light enough to lug home.


Some of the things that I admired, but could not fit in my suitcase.


We spent many hours here then followed it up with lunch at an outdoor restaurant, the Noorderlicht cafe, that could have been in Williamsburg.

Finally, we hit the Noordermkt on Monday morning. Didn't find too many antiques here, but we did eat some delicious apple pie at Winkel 43. Sent some larger charts home and made our way to the airport.


Come visit the shop to see some of our Amsterdam picks.

We also chilled out (literally) In Iceland and feel refreshed and excited for the rest of the summer flea market season ahead.

IMG_3814 (1)


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