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Some scientists say that we're in a new geological age, called the Anthropocene, where humans have an unprecedented impact on the Earth. There is a nary a place on the planet that has not been altered by our species. Our impact is, basically, everywhere. This was the subject of a recent TED talk that was on in the background while I was leafing through some new prints. You can get the gist of the TED talk here if you are interested in this subject.

Next day, I was listening to WNYC (again..yes, I listen to it all day long while I'm working) and a guest was speaking about taking geological samples in the Chicxulub crater of the meteor that, most likely, ended the long age of the dinosaurs. I have, in stock, some really beautiful and large German chromolithographs of the Dinosaur Age.



After the dinosaur extinction we had fossils of them and then the science of Paleontology.


We also have Geology and Earth Science. I've got some great 1960s classroom charts.


If you are in the market for some more refined geology, I have some beautiful prints of rocks, minerals and gems. Printed in Germany in the 1880s, these are some of the best examples of stone chromolithography that I have seen. The colors and details are absolutely amazing. These will be sold matted and ready to frame.



I also unearthed (no pun intended) some lovely old prints from the 1850s on the paleontology of New York State. These are serene, earthy and organic. They would look terrific in a modern setting, even though they are "as old as the hills". It's kind of neat to think about what the ground beneath our feet is composed of.


Last, but not least, in this same vein, I recently picked up some great maps of the United States with meteorological, agricultural and geological subject matter. They were published in the 1920s by the US Department of Agriculture. They are quite large and colorful.



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