Games Galore

I've got games on the brain lately….and on the walls of my shop.


I have always LOVED game boards- the catchy graphics, wit and art. I often find them in broken boxes and missing many of their playing pieces. Among my favorites from my collection (seen hanging above) is the very large four-part "Uncle Sam's Mail" from 1893.

Apparently, I am not the only one that appreciates this category of ephemera. There is a current exhibit at The Grolier Club in Manhattan called "The Royal Game of The Goose: Four Hundred Years of Printed Board Games". I plan on making the trip this spring to see it before it leaves on May 14th. Here are some images from the exhibit.



After reading about the Grolier Club's exhibit, I realized an interesting connection. Several years ago, I bought a collection of unused old game board prints from Paris. The game maker was the Saussine Company. The second example above (from the exhibit) was also from this company. I have several examples of these game prints for sale from the early, early 1900s. They are just the unmounted, unused chromolithographic prints- suitable for framing. Inquire for pricing and availability. The graphics are pretty spectacular on these.


As far as decorating with these beauties goes, it couldn't be easier to just hang the mounted boards up with some large bull-nosed clips across the folds in the boards. I snapped some photos of a few framed boards for sale at the West Elm Marketplace in DUMBO. These were behind glass and rather pricey but it was fun to see them appreciated.


Others have done some great decorating with vintage game boards. They can suit many different styles and eras as they reflect the times in which they were made. Some folks hang the colorful box tops too. Go nuts!


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