The Nifty Fifty

Independence Day is upon us and I'm celebrating both the holiday and the fact that both of my children are away at sleep away camp for the all-American month of July. I've had some rare quiet time to do some reminiscing.

Twenty (or maybe closer to twenty five…ouch) years ago I was making my way back and forth across the country. Crisscrossing the lower forty-eight several times over gave me a great appreciation of the awesome landscapes, culture, food, and flea markets that can be found across our great nation. Back then, I never hit the road without my trusty copy of Jane and Michael Stern's Road Food

Roadfood 1978

They just released an expanded and updated version of Road Food.
Now everyone I know is into food, but back then it was hard to get information about where to eat. My other on-the-road must have was my cassette of Gram Parson's album Return of the Grievous Angel. I learned how to sing harmony by listening to Emmylou Harris sing on that amazing record.

Well…in honor of our country's birthday, and my nostalgia for getting to see more of it, I have some great American merchandise in my shop, on Etsy and at the Brooklyn Flea.


All three (& one more) of these school maps of the US are currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

Get 'em while they're hot. You can also find some nifty pictorial state maps of your home state- or your adopted one-or just one you like. These were printed for the 1939 New York World's Fair's Pageant of the States. If you don't see the state you want, e-mail me. I have them all.

Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona







I will have these state maps and a couple of other neat items for the holiday with me at the Brooklyn Flea this Sunday in Williamsburg, including these fun games. The boards would make great wall decor.






Our shop will be open all weekend 12-6 so stop by if you're in town.

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