Let’s Get Physical

It's that time of year again, when the gyms fill up and our thoughts turn to healthy eating. The excesses of the holiday season are weighing upon me as I sift through these antique fitness images. No photoshopping here….and I just love the fig leaf.


Get your 'physical culture" on. Or maybe just be inspired by the fitness fashions below…designers for lululemon take note.


While I'm on the subject of bodies, I just came by some fantastic anatomical charts.


The charts above will be hanging in my shop and (closed until January 15th). I hope to have them listed for sale online soon, along with a few unshown others from the same Denoyer-Geppert series. The Winslow Health & Hygiene chalk plate charts below will be for sale this weekend in my stall at the Brooklyn Flea (1000 Dean Street). Come by early, I suspect that they won't last long.


It's cozy and warm at the new indoor Brooklyn Flea and a great way to spend a chilly day. And if you want to break your New Year's resolutions, the Berg'n beer and food hall is attached to the flea….delicious craft beers, ramen burgers and Mighty Quinn's spicy chicken wings await.


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