Vintage Jelly Jars & Mother’s Day Goodies

On a recent trip I found several large collections of vintage jelly jars in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I have a major crush on them at the moment.


To be clear:  A jelly jar is not the same thing as a canning or mason jar.  A true jelly jar has a thin fitted (not threaded) metal cap or cover.  Some folks call the smaller sizes of canning jars "jelly jars" – especially the quilted styles, but I do not agree with this.

Jelly jars make wonderful storing and serving vessels.  They can go right from the fridge to the table and hold other condiments such as mustard or chutneys.




Some Mid Century Jelly Jars even have adorable patterned or decorated lids.

Images-4Some jelly jars were very squat, like ramekins, while some were taller and tapered at the bottom making them nifty little drinking glasses.


My favorite jelly jars were made in the 1940s by the Hazel Atlas Company. They have beautiful, thick vertical ridges in the glass. The glass is heavy and feels just perfect in hand. They are, in fact, my favorite wine glasses- a great use for them if you happen to find some without the lids.


Enough about jars! Moving on to Mother's Day….Many years ago, right after my daughter was born, while road tripping from NYC to visit some friends in Asheville, NC, I passed on a T-shirt at a truck stop that read "If Momma Ain't Happy Ain't Nobody Happy"…..How true that turned out to be. So make your mommas, wives and daughters happy and give them some gorgeous flowers in a vintage jar, pretty hankies, the perfect print or a lovely brooch. The shop will be brimming and blooming with gifts.



This jar even has Mom's name on it! Only one available.




Shop will be open 12-6 Thursday through Sunday. Fresh Flowers and plants will be for sale Friday through Sunday (Mother's Day!)

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