Steal This Look

While relaxing out on Fire Island, I've had more time than usual to explore design blogs, catalogs and pinterest boards. I thought it would be fun to look in some of these room settings for maps and charts similar to ones that I currently have for sale.

The antique school map of Italy in this image from a recent design sponge post was actually purchased from me last winter at the Brooklyn Flea. Supply your own adorable cat.

For a similar look- especially for a very tall space like the stairwell wall of this brownstone, try this generously-sized school map of Greece currently for sale.


From the flouncy, pretty, bourgeois boho Sundance Catalog

The folding 1920s school map of Europe below has just the right old pastel washed-out color palette. Casually tack it up on the wall for a very romantic look.

Another catalog photo- from the mass-market arbiter of taste Pottery Barn- an office decorated with a vintage chalk board map. I like the way that the map is layered with the framed chalk boards.

Try decorating a home office space with this chalk board map I have for sale. One of the nice things about it is it's double-sided, so when you get tired of the U.S. you can flip it and see the world. Also fun to plot your travels on.

Another gem from a design sponge post, we have this really cool German chart of the moon…


While not strictly lunar, this 1940s Mexican Cosmography chart would also look lovely and restful above a bed.

I'm not sure where this dining room photo came from- I found it while browsing pinterest- but it was a close cousin to the North America Commercial map shown below it.


Well….I could do this all day- it's pretty fun, but just one more. I like the way the map is taken off the metal bracket- partially unrolled and hung with a ribbon. You could accomplish a similar look with the very long U.S. map for sale in my etsy shop.



Maybe just one more….can't stop….it's addictive…another dining room.


A good substitute for the colors and scale of that map might be….


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