Shades of Glass

It has been too long since I sat down to compose a blogpost- too long since I sat down. Period. The truth is I have been absolutely swamped with buying exciting new stuff and developing some new venues to sell…not to mention the maelstrom that is June for those of us with kids.

I'm out on Fire Island this week for a brief respite- enjoying some fresh sea air and some fine food and drink with friends and family. The house we are renting in Lonelyville is simply decorated with lovely old bottles in aqua, green and amber. Bottles are placed in the high windows of the "A" Frame house and the light off the Great South Bay slants in and illuminates them.

One of the things I have coming up in July is a big sale on FAB.com. It will start on Monday July 15th and last for one week only. The theme is Anatomical, Science & Apothecary. I will have some great lots of vintage bottles for sale- really interesting groups. It was fun to put together these instant collections of bottles.

And a little amber to mix it up….

If you are interested in colored glass, here is a great site that explains the history and workings of glass coloration. It is a fascinating art and science. The photo below is from the site and illustrates the great variety of commercial glass.

Also coming up, I will be selling at the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg on July 7th, and in Brimfield at the Dealer's Choice show on July 9th. That is all in addition to regular shop hours.

Happy Independence Day! Hope to see you all this summer.

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