Antique Teaching Materials: Scrolling Art Desks, Chalkboards & Easels

In my wanderings, I have amassed a modest collection of unusual antique teaching tools. Scrolling art desks, chalkboards and easels are among my favorite objects. They combine two of my favorite things: educational charts and chalkboards. I find the captivating and extensive scrolls so magical. Many of the scrolls are quite long- 25 to 30 feet. You simply turn the knobs on the sides to scroll through the images and change the framed display.

I sold a Chautauqua Art Desk last weekend at the Brooklyn Flea that had an 1890s rendering of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan in white on a black background. It is on its way to the purchasers home in Norway. How I wish I had taken a photo before I sold it! That particular model (very similar to the one pictured just below) was made for older and more sophisticated students, but I also have some charming models made for young children with letters, flags, animals and vehicles.


Chautauqua Art Desk: Restored


Chautauqua Art Desk: Wall-Mounted


1930s Children's Easel & Chalkboard


1910s Scrolling Chalkboard: Telegraphic Codes




1940s Scrolling Chalkboard: Flags

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