Antique Folding Maps

Large scale maps for the classroom, traveler or library were sometimes printed in segments and mounted on canvas to be folded. This method saved space and allowed for easy storage in a file, teacher's desk or a glove compartment. They were a practical alternative to the heavier wooden dowel or metal bracket wall-mounted maps.

The folding classroom maps often had grommets along the top to allow for easy display on a wall when the map was in use. Many companies- such as Nystrom, Denoyer-Geppert and Cram's produced sets of folding maps. Many came in elegant cases. Maps that were made for school or university libraries often had attached file folders, as well as grommets, for quick filing.

These unusual and rare maps look lovely framed or unframed.

New World Series World Map with Shipping Routes c.1930s


Cram's Map of New York State c.1910s


Cartes Taride Travel Map of Morocco c.1920s


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