Seltzer Bottles

Seltzer bottles

Sorry for the grainy photo. It was snapped enthusiastically with my phone. I am so excited about a large new (to me) batch of antique seltzer bottles that I acquired from a defunct bottler on Long Island. This is a treasure trove of antique bottles that I am still looking through and cleaning. I will have many coming up for sale at the Brooklyn Flea and online so stay tuned.

Best of all, I also acquired a most precious and rare object: a seltzer man's wrench to open the bottles. They are extremely difficult to open without this special tool. I have been searching for one of these for years.

(These are very rare indeed! It's a wrench designed to hold the small collars on the base of the chrome tops of antique seltzer bottles. You then use the wooden block to turn the heads off the bottle while holding the collar with this special tool. The claws of the wrench are grooved perfectly to hold the collar without damaging them a bit. This one is embossed Starman Syphon Co. Brooklyn New York. Don't damage the tops with pliars or channel locks as the tops are made of pewter.)


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