Back at the Bank for Two More Weekends

After a long cold winter and a warm trip to Mexico, I will be back at the Brooklyn Flea at the bank for the weekends of March 12th and 13th and March 19th and 20th. After that, we move out into the great outdoors. I will be selling at both the Fort Greene and the new Williamsburg markets. Check out the Brooklyn Flea website for more info.

Here are some spring cleaning and spring (eggs remind me of spring) related things that I will have in my booth DSC_0003 at the bank.



1 thought on “Back at the Bank for Two More Weekends”

  1. Great idea…you have some of my favorite people contributing to your blog. I enjoy it a great deal. I’m still working out how to do links neatly but in the meantime will keep it as a post…up now.


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